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Exhaust Blowers – Installation and Maintenance

Saturday Dec 4, 2010

A high quality exhaust system is always imperative for keeping the overall atmosphere of any establishment or industry under control. By installing these devices you can simply keep the working area safe from any sort of air pollutants, flammable gases and fumes. Such systems are not only beneficial in creating favorable working conditions but also are useful in increasing the life of your products and equipments. There are different types of exhaust systems available on the market that can be installed for your establishment. The exact size and type of exhaust system that will be capable of effectively providing the desired results will depend upon the area that needs to be ventilated and the size of your equipments.

Exhaust Blower
An Exhaust Blower is a simple electrical appliance used for effectively venting out the heat and air pollutants from the rooms and industrial establishments. It features an exhaust fan which is powerful enough to remove all kinds of dust, debris, gases, fumes and stale odor from the working area and keeping the indoor air flow under control by ventilating and removing these substances out of your building. These units are easy to install and operate and are provided with flange on the front portion for easy mounting over the walls and grills. Some of these exhaust fans can also be attached to a ducting system for pulling out the air from the rooms. They are designed so as to keep the overall indoor air quality under permissible limits by forcing out stale air from its front opening.

Installation and Maintenance
People generally prefer these units for effective airflow control but these units produce high noise levels when working, therefore for effective noise control it is highly recommended that your exhaust blower must be mounted outside of your establishment for getting reduced noise levels. If you are working with an instrument that produces air pollutants and gases, then you blower must be placed at a distance of about twenty feet from the instrument. The effectiveness of your system must be checked in advance before installing your instrument. Though this system is easy to operate and install, it should always be mounted at a suitable height for getting maximum performance and results from it. If you need to attach your system with a ducting system, it is recommended that you first install your ducting system and then attach the exhaust fan with it.

While going for the type of ducting system to be installed for removing the air from the establishment, you should always consider a metal duct made from either galvanized sheet or flexible aluminum. These ducts are not only made from rigid material and are durable in quality but also will serve you for years to come. Apart from the metal ones you can also consider installing ducts made from plastic, vinyl or similar materials, but one important thing to consider is such type of materials have a potential to catch fire and should be avoided.

To get the most out of your investment, it is highly recommended that you periodically check and maintain your exhaust blower system. For this purpose you must routinely clean the system and ducts from any kind of dust, debris and other materials that may have accumulated over the period of time.

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Broan Exhaust Fans – Features and Benefits

Saturday Dec 4, 2010

Broan was established in 1932 by Henry Broan and since then has gradually transformed into being one of North America’s largest producers of ventilation system that are being generally used for residential purposes. Some of their leading products include bath fans, range hoods, ventilation fans as well as the indoor air quality products. As-of-now it has been more that seventy years, Broan has got the distinction of being the pioneers in wide ranging product innovations that are now considered as standards of the residential ventilation industry. Their products are widely being used by home owners as they feature their distinct mark of their finest quality and durability.

Features and Benefits of Broan Exhaust Fans
These ventilation fans are basically meant for being used in keeping the overall indoor air quality of your house under control, are compact in size and can be installed easily. Even though these systems or units are designed basically for improving and keeping the air quality of your bathrooms under control by ventilating vapors and moisture but they are also being used for effectively controlling in-house air quality in many areas. Some of their units are being used for circulating fresh and clean air in indoor gardens where poisonous gasses are extracted by plants and various chemicals and fertilizers. In areas having moist climatic conditions, these units are effectively being used for taking out the moisture from rooms which helps in preventing the rotting of wood and rusting of metals. With the help of these units you can simply prevent the walls of your home from being permanently damp during the high humidity seasons and also help in preventing the overall insulation system from being ruined du tot the humid climatic conditions.

Due to the rising energy costs, more and more people are looking towards alternative solutions for controlling the indoor air quality of their homes, bathrooms and kitchens. For achieving their desired goals, consider installing a Broan Exhaust Fans as some of their models feature energy saving infrared bulb that not only provide an extra bit of warmth but also helps in cutting the energy costs of your home ventilation system. These ventilation systems are highly durable and feature a permanently lubricated motor that is designed to perform in all sorts of climatic conditions and serve you for a lifetime. If in case you do not want to permanently install an exhaust fan in you bathroom or kitchen, you can simply go after a Broan exhaust fan that features torsion spring grille mount. This unit does not require any kind of screwing or nailing and can easily be installed or taken out as and when necessary by following simple steps.

Home-owners generally prefer installing Broan Exhaust Fans because after installing and connecting this unit to a ventilation duct, you get rest assured that this system will serve you for a lifetime. Broan ventilation products are made from highly durable materials and are designed to perform in all sorts of conditions. They are renowned for their high quality and design. Their models both high and low powered produce negligible sound as compared to other brands and even if it produces any kind of noise, it is comfortable and bearable enough for an average listener.

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Guide to Installing Explosion Proof Ventilation System

Saturday Dec 4, 2010

Explosion Proof Exhaust Fan is basically a spark resistant ventilation system, designed to perform the task of providing ventilation and controlling the overall temperature inside a room or factory unit. These units are installed on the walls and are available on the market in many different models of explosion proof exhaust fan ventilation systems. There are factories and manufacturing plants is which highly inflammable gases along with vapors as well as finely crushed dust particles are present. These substances are generally created as a result of the manufacturing process and some of them may even contain highly ignitable fibers as well. Due to the presence of these substances the overall atmosphere at the factory unit becomes hazardous and is highly prone to accidents or various kinds of explosions. In such hazardous locations a high quality air exhaust and ventilation system is necessary which helps in keeping the overall inside atmosphere safe. This can easily be achieved by installing an explosion proof exhaust fan.

Explosion Proof Exhaust Fan Installation Guide
The market is full of wide variety of these fans but all of them require almost the same installation procedures and guidelines. However one of the most important considerations is which type of explosion proof exhaust fan will be suitable for you will depend upon the type of hazardous or inflammable gases are used or produced as by-products in your manufacturing unit. One of the most important points to be kept in mind before installing this system is you must install a duct system for providing a safe passage for the gases and hazardous fumes to escape out of the factory unit. It will be best if you first go for installing a duct system before thinking about mounting the ventilation system.

Step 1 – First and foremost step in installing is fixing the exact spot that should be high enough for allowing the gases to escape with ease. Also consider whether a duct system will be installed or not as with the help of this system you can easily provide safe passage for gases and fumes to escape. It is recommended to install the duct system before installing the ventilation system. The system should be installed in such a way that the direction of the ventilated air is away from the structure. Depending upon the overall size of the fan you can either install it on the wall or the ceiling.

Step 2 – The second step is to make an opening as per the dimensions of the fan. For getting the work done in a precise manner, mark the spot along with the holes to be drilled and on the basis of it provide an opening and install accordingly.

Step 3 – Make sure that the wall is capable to bare the weight of the system. If it cannot bare it, consider installing wooden planks as they can easily be cut and even provide support to the system.

Step 4 – Once you have finished with opening the hole, install the system by screwing it and do all the necessary inspections before the final wiring has to be done.

Step 5 – Once you have installed the system, start working on installing the wiring by providing a high quality switch and power supply connection. Pre run the system for performing the necessary tests and check the effectiveness of the installed system.

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Guide to Buying Garage Exhaust Fan

Saturday Dec 4, 2010

Garages are places where you normally park your car but sometimes it gets transformed into a workshop where you conduct general repairing functions. Due to this reason the entire area gets polluted with gases and fumes once you start you car or while you are repairing it. Harmful gasses such as nitrogen and carbon monoxide are emitted from your cars exhaust system, these gases naturally gets inhaled once you step in your parking lot. By inhaling these gases you certainly get prone to various types of diseases like asthma and lung infections. In such cases you definitely require a perfect ventilation system that will keep the overall quality of air under control and force out harmful gases from it. This can easily be done by installing a garage exhaust fan.

Buying an Exhaust Fan for Garage
Selecting an exhaust fan that is best suitable for fulfilling your needs will depend upon considering the total time you usually spend in your workshop. If you are spending a considerable amount of time, then you would be requiring a model that is effective enough to force out harmful gases and fumes and keep the entire area free from pollution. If you are going there for limited period of time just for the purpose of taking out or parking your car, then a normal model will do the job. However, there are certain important aspects that need to be considered before zeroing on a particular model. Some of these important aspects are discussed below.

  1. Freestanding Exhaust Fan – These units are available in wide variety of sizes depending upon the total area that needs to be freed from air pollution. They are simple to install and operate. All you have to do is install them at a suitable place close to doors or window and put it on. It will collect and force out all the gases and fumes effectively. While this unit is working you need to keep the doors and window open.
  2. Large Shutter Fan – Such type of units are best for being used in garages where large amount of moisture is formed. These models are especially designed to effectively force out condensation from the workshop and small rooms.
  3. Size of the Area – The exact size of the area that needs to be ventilated is another constraint that needs to be considered as you will be requiring a unit that can effectively provide the desired results.
  4. Exact Location – The perfect location of your exhaust fan is another important constraint as by installing it as a suitable place you can effectively achieve the desired results. You can either go for a wall mounted or ceiling mounted unit. A ceiling exhaust fan is suitable if the height of your garage is good enough, whereas for low-heighted roofs the wall mounted units are best suited.
  5. Multi-Utility Fans – There are fans available on the market that can be used for both heating and cooling functions, apart form its basic function of forcing out fumes and gasses. Such type of garage exhaust fans are best suited for places having extreme hot and cold conditions.

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Guide to Buying Industrial Exhaust Fans

Saturday Dec 4, 2010

Industrial Exhaust Fans are considered as one of the most popular electrical appliances that are generally used in various types of industries for the purpose of effectively removing humidity, heat and fumes form an area. Some of the units combine these devices with intake louvers for the purpose of drawing and circulating fresh air into the building unit.

The exhaust ventilation fans help in controlling the overall atmosphere of a production unit by exhausting the contaminated air away from where the workers are working and replacing it with fresh clean air. Due to these appliances the workers get minimum exposure to all types of toxic chemicals that are present in the air as well as the flammable vapors. It is indeed one of the best alternatives for keeping the inside air clean and effectively controlling the exposure of employees to dangerous air contaminants in the workplace.

Industrial Exhaust Fan not only help in creating a clean, safe and highly productive workspace atmosphere but also help in remove airborne contaminants and bring cool fresh air in the working area. Commercial exhaust fans are considered essential for controlling and monitoring the quality of indoor air. In industries where pollutants are abundantly present because of the specific nature of the work that is being conducted there, the health of the employees is at stake. In such workplaces, exhaust ventilation create comfortable working environment and keep the air quality under control.

Buying Guide
There are various types of Industrial Exhaust Fans available on the market. Before zeroing on a particular product you have to consider the volume of the space in your workplace, for what purpose this space is being used and the environmental factors such as toxic chemicals, fumes and vapors. On the basis of these considerations you can select the overall size and type of exhaust fan that would be sufficient for your application. The first thing to consider before selecting an exhaust fan for industrial use is you need to calculate the CFM requirements and on the basis of this calculation you can proceed with your buying.

Another important aspect that needs to be considered is the type of fan that will be suitable for your establishment. You can go for an axial flow fan as well as wall fan/panel fan. Which ever type you consider, it should be effective enough to solve you problem of removing the polluted air form the workplace and replace it with fresh and healthy air. You can also opt for a customized exhaust fan in case you have a specific type of requirement.

There are certain government regulations that need to be followed while installing an exhaust fan. You must also consider this and meet all requirements. If in case you are finding some difficulties in selecting the best industrial exhaust fan, you can definitely take the help of a industrial ventilation expert as he has got all the experience and will guide you in making the best choice. It is indeed one of the most vital equipment on the basis of which the overall success of your business depends, therefore it is necessary to look after the overall maintenance aspect of this product and give it priority.

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Features and Benefits of Portable Exhaust Fans

Saturday Dec 4, 2010

A Portable Exhaust Fan as the name suggest is basically a small fan used for improving the overall air quality of a room and is not fixed permanently to a wall or attic as is the case with other types of exhaust fans. You can find a wide variety of these devices in various shapes and sizes that are being used for several different purposes. These units are being used for providing additional ventilation and cleaning the indoor air from stale odor or moisture as found in the bathrooms and kitchen.

Portable Exhaust Fans are considered as versatile home appliances that not only help in saving both energy and money but also are being used for maintaining pleasant temperature in your home. With the help of these appliances you get the additional benefit of controlling the building up of additional moisture and also keep control over the accumulation of indoor airborne pollutant.

All around the world the overall energy costs are increasing and in the future it might touch those levels which can be out of the reach of a normal middle class family. Because of high energy costs, people are turning towards alternative cooling systems for keeping their homes warm and indoor air free from pollution. To an extent an exhaust fan provides some sort of relief as they are designed to provide effective ventilation cooling and improve the indoor air quality in the most energy-efficient way.

Portable exhaust fans are generally light in weight for facilitating in being carried easily and quickly from one place to another. They are easy to install and doesn’t require any kind of setup for being mounted. These units are especially being designed for safely and effectively removing any kind of airborne materials such as gases or vapors from a particular area. These devices are now being used in a wide variety of applications for the purpose of ventilating a particular area such as an enclosed room. As these devices are light in weight and easy to install, they can easily be mounted to a window or placed in the doorway for removing any type of materials from the air. With the help of these units you can directly or indirectly exhaust filtered air to the surrounding atmosphere.

Benefits of Using Portable Exhaust Fans
These portable home appliances provide wide range of benefits when they are used properly in homes, small offices, workshops or garages. The help in improving the overall air quality of the room and create a healthy environment by effectively removing various types of stale odors, pollutants, vapors, air contaminants and cooking smoke. They are best suited for providing important environmental benefits by effectively decreasing the overall heat and humidity levels in the home. They are considered as the most versatile of all the fans that are being used because they can easily and quickly be placed everywhere and anywhere for increasing the air circulation and to keep control over the surrounding air temperature. These devices also provide a cost effective way of improving the air quality of the home as they do not require additional ducts or vents for air flow control.

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Inline Exhaust Fans for Bathrooms and Kitchen

Saturday Dec 4, 2010

Inline Exhaust Fan is an electronic device that is used for the purpose of providing ventilation or boosting the airflow with minimal detectable noise. The main function of these devices is to improve the overall air quality in the house by removing the vapors that has been created due to use. They are best suited for being used in bathrooms where due to bathing and showering vapors are created which leads to the formation of moisture and later on results in stale odors and fumes. It can also be used in the kitchen for forcing out smoke and cooking vapors from the area. In most modern homes these units are being preferred over the noisy bathroom and kitchen fans.

The main advantage of installing these types of inline exhaust fans is they are a versatile system that provides multiple ventilation inlets to your kitchen, rooms and bathrooms. If you want to improve the overall indoor air quality of the rooms in your house, you can certainly install this low rate ventilation system with multiple inlets. If you have a big house having two or more bathrooms and kitchen, you can use this system for ventilating your bathrooms as well as kitchen. As these systems feature solid, commercial grade construction, they can be used for longer periods of time and are generally preferred over other types of exhaust fans.

Advantages of Inline Exhaust Fan:
In case you need to replace you old bathroom fan with a new one, you can either go for a traditional ceiling-mounted bathroom fan or you can consider replacing it by installing an inline exhaust fan. For installing this system you do not need to mount it directly to the ceiling of the bathroom but it is placed at a distance from the bathroom, generally in the attic space. Some of the benefits of these units as compared to the traditional ones are discussed below.

Easy to Install – These units are easy to install and does not require enough space as well. Moreover, if at all it requires any kind of servicing and replacement of parts, it can be done in an easy to access area in your attic.

High Power – These units feature a powerful motor due to which it is packed with enough power to move significantly higher amount of air when compared to the commonly used bathroom exhaust fans.

Low Noise – As these units are placed away from the actual point of exhaust in the ceiling, you seldom get to hear ant kind of vibration from the fan and the noise that is created when it is working.

Multiple Exhaust Points – For large bathrooms, installing such type of system is suitable as you can easily create multiple exhaust points in the ceiling.
Cost Effective – By installing this system you provide a cost effective way of improving the overall indoor air quality of the bathrooms and kitchen.

Long Life – As these systems feature solid, commercial grade construction, they are rated for being used continuously and have a long life span, some of them even having lifetime warranties.

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Wall Exhaust Fans – Uses and Types

Saturday Dec 4, 2010

Exhaust Fan is a useful electronic device used for improving the overall air quality of your home and keeping germs and allergens at bay. Most of the modern home owners love to keep their rooms free from any kind of dust or filth, for this purpose they keep the doors and windows closed. To an extent it helps them a lot but by doing so they prevent fresh air and sunlight from entering their rooms which leaves a kind of stale smell coming from them.

This allows unhealthy air being left behind resulting in the formation of various types of harmful contaminants which leads to causing common problems such as mold, bacterial infections and mildew. This gives birth to various types of allergies and diseases like asthma, headache, nausea and several other medical problems. In order to prevent your home from such potential problems, you need to consider mounting a wall exhaust fan. This will help in keeping your house properly ventilated and provide fresh air for healthy breathing.

Types of Wall Exhaust Fans
Wall exhaust fans are basically installed on the exterior walls of the house. The main function of these units is to force out the stale air from the house and recycle the flow of air. These fans are easy to install, keeps the rooms well ventilated and provide a cost effective way for cleaning the air. The market is full of various types of wall exhaust fans which can easily be mounted in the house.

Kitchen Wall Exhaust Fans – These fans are basically mounted over the kitchen stove for the purpose of removing the bad odor that has been generated inside the kitchen. The kitchen usually starts emitting bad odor and stale smell during or after cooking. This is because the moisture levels are high in such places and the surrounding air gets polluted because of constant cooking and burning of gas or firewood. In such cases the answer to these problems is an exhaust fan that helps in ventilating your cooking space and keeps the moisture level to a minimum. You can either mount it to the side of your cooking area or you can simply place it just above the stove, wherever you place it, it should be kept at a suitable distance so that it can work properly without getting effected because of continuous exposure to heat. Before installing, it is highly recommended to consult an electrical technician as he can help you with this task.

Bathroom Wall Exhaust Fans – These devices are installed in the bathroom for keeping the moisture levels to a minimum and forcing out stale smell and odor out of it. With the help of bathroom ventilation fan you get to control the moisture levels and overall air quality. Generally these units are smaller in size as compared to the other types because they need to recycle air in smaller rooms. Most of them are easy to install and doesn’t require any sort of additional ducts. Whatever you choose, it must be durable and made from high quality material so as to withstand the moisture in the bathroom. Home owners must go for the right fan that would do the required job effectively; otherwise a wrong decision will require them to be replaced.

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